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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Pack: 100 tabs (20mg/tab)

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Turanabol Detailed

Turanabol by Dragon Pharma

Turanabol is the trade name of the product containing active substance that is made out of 2 different substances called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (CDMT) which is the 4 chloro substituted derivative of Methandienone or also known as Methandrostenolone or Dehydromethyltestosterone.

Turanabol is manufactured by Dragon Pharma but this product might be better known as Turinabol, Oral Turinabol, Tbol, Oral Tbol etc. This steroid is considered the little brother of Dianabol (Dbol) which is by far the most famous steroid and most widely used for physique and performance enhancement purposes since the active substance in Dianabol is Methandienone.

Since TurinabolTuranabol is a derivative of Methandienone (Dianabol) we can say that Turinabol is derived from Dianabol and is considered its little brother since Dianabol is much more powerful than Turinabol. Because of the structural changes to the chemical structure, Turinabol is offering a very low androgenic rating, much lower anabolic rating than Dianabol and has no aromatization. Therefore, Turinabol was nicknamed "mild Dianabol".

In addition to that, unlike most other anabolic steroids out there, Turinabol was created and designed specifically for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Most other steroids out there were created in an attempt to help with some health issues, while Turinabol was created by a German pharmacy back in 1960s only for non medical purposes.

This steroid is very popular because is known to offer very low side effects profile and being very effective. Dianabol is offering much bigger results in much shorter period of time. But Turinabol is much safer in terms of side effects and is able to offer lean muscle mass and definition.

Turinabol Active Life

Despite being an orally active steroid, TurinabolTuranabol (Tbol) is offering quite a long half life, at least compared to other oral steroids out there. That’s because the half life is as long as 16 hours which is much shorter compared to most other injectable steroids, but is quite much longer compared to other orally active steroids.

With this being said, the product shouldn’t be used as frequent as other steroids for maintaining stable blood levels, however there are still people who split up the dosage into 2 schedules used throughout the day.

Turanabol Uses

Turanabol known as Turinabol or Tbol is an very effective steroids that is able to offer slow but quality and lean muscle mass gains. As mentioned, Turinabol never had any medical uses – it was created and used specifically for physique and performance enhancement purposes and people are still using it nowadays with amazing success.

Customers can be sure that they would receive a very high quality chlorodehydromethyltestosterone product which would offer huge results because Turanabol offered by Dragon Pharma is the highest quality.

With all of this being said, Turinabol is going to offer big results without the user adding extra weight gain (which is very good as you get definition, hardness and strength without more weight allowing a sportsman compete in a certain weight class etc.); big increases in strength levels while getting harder and tighter muscles without getting a puffy look and bloating as with Dianabol.

Other benefits includes a very low side effects profile. While is not side effects free, you are much less likely to get side effects out of Turinabol compared to other steroids. This compound has the ability to strongly bind to SHBG, is increasing free testosterone, increases lean muscle mass and many other benefits.

Turanabol Administration and Dosage

Generally, doses of Turinabol (Tbol) or Turanabol by Dragon Pharma go as: anywhere between 20 up to 50 mg per day for males and anywhere between 2.5 mg up to maximum 10 mg a day for females. As mentioned earlier, due to the half life of Turinabol, you can use it once a day or maximum twice per day, every 12 hours.

Women are usually using Turinabol alone but they should be careful about virilizing side effects. Men are usually using Turinabol as a part of steroid stack and very often is used alongside with its "bigger brother" Dianabol – Dbol.

We recommend to start slowly and this way you can try 6 weeks of Dianabol 25 mg and Turinabol 25 mg a day each alongside with Cardarine 20 mg a day, N2Guard 5 caps a day and Exemestane if needed, about 10 mg every other day for dealing with estrogenic side effects.

When you are more familiar, you can go up to 8 weeks of 50 mg each compound with same supplements. You can also try with injectables such as Testosterone Cypionate or others.

Turanabol Side Effects 

TuranabolTbolTurinabol is an orally active steroid and is C17 alpha alkylated in order to pass through the liver and allows a high bioavailability, however, this is offering liver strain and that’s why you need to use liver supplements, do not abuse this compound, don’t use it for longer periods etc. in short, keep your liver healthy as Turinabol is hepatotoxic.

However, hepatotoxicity is very unlikely to occur when used properly. Turinabol is by far not as hepatotoxic as many other steroids. The same goes for pretty much all other side effects. Turinabol is offering androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne, oily skin, aggression etc. but they are less likely to occur compared to other steroids.

Same goes for virilizing side effects for women or natural testosterone suppression for males – but users still need to be very careful for these side effects. No estrogenic side effects can occur as this compound does no aromatize.

Other side effects related to Turinabol might include cholesterol and cardiovascular related side effects. Turinabol is capable to offer most side effects related to most other AAS out there, but Turinabol is offering them at a much lower degree, therefore is much safer compared to other steroids.

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